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New, first post, native american basket and antique spoons :) [Nov. 27th, 2007 - 04:11 pm]
Show Your Antiques!


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Gorgeous early 1900s Native American Basket and cute 1800s detailed desert spoons

Pacific North West Native American Storage Basket. I love it so much. I have been told it's a museum quality heirloom. It is so beautiful, made of cedar and umbricated cherry tree bark. I'm unsure of which tribe it comes from, but I believe Yakima. It's been in my family for over 80 years. 20 years in my parents home, 25 years in my aunt's and over 35 years in her mother-in-law's attic. It's 12" high and 10" diameter, but the lids not in perfect condition and the basket construction is sound but it has it's flaws in the bark decoration.

my antique silver desert spoons.
They are great bell flower decoration with flower details on front and back with cute bow detail on back as well.
Very old, very beautiful and very Victorian. I think they're possibly Federal Period, or possibly from around the 1870s?

They are part of an estate passed down through family, 5" long and tarnished a little. small marking on back reads, "C.G.H. EXTRA IMA N.S." unsure of marking meaning, would love to find out for curiosity's sake!

I do infact have the spoons and the basket up for sale on Ebay right now, but I didn't want to solicit my auctions since I'm not sure of the community's policy on auctions. If anyone is interested though just let me know and I will gladly link you :)